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Top 10 Tips for Small Garden Design

Top 10 Tips for Small Garden Design

When it comes to innovative landscaping design for your garden, there’s no rule book on the size of space you work with. It’s often said that good things come in small packages, and even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a truly unique haven, where you can relax and connect with local nature and wildlife that’s growing in your very own garden. A bit of ambition, patience and hard work can go a long way when approaching the outdoor improvement project you’ve been putting off for too long. If you’ve been lacking inspiration for garden design ideas that can enhance your small garden’s huge potential, we’re here to provide you with some expert tips and insider knowledge.

1. Section Your Spaces

This top-tip can instantly boost the spacious feeling of your smaller garden, with varied sections used for different sociable and functional purposes. Compartmentalised sections of your garden creates a cosy hideaway feeling, keeping a small seated area in one half where you can curl up with a good book. You can divide areas with bamboo screens or break things up with built-in ground lights that will really enhance your garden’s unique features after-dark. A small, tiered area designated to home-grown produce is a fabulous way to instil some sustainable elements into your small garden design.

2. Use portable features

Saving space can be easily achieved by using non-permanent solutions that you can easily store away throughout seasons. For example, a stainless steel fireball can be used as a substitute for a permanent fire pit that usually takes centre stage in larger spaces. For those colder months, or cooler summer nights, this could be the perfect option to keep things toasty and warm. The fireball is very on-trend for its ultra-modern look and capacity for environmentally friendly thermal retention, using residue-free organic ethanol to keep the flame alive. Fold up seating plans and tables are also an ideal way to ensure you can keep things open and spacious. If you’re wanting to get really serious about saving space, you could even try an inflatable hot tub, equipped with jets and various temperature control options..

3. Mirrors

By far the oldest, yet smartest trick in the book, mirrors have the capacity to enhance both the modern aesthetic and spacious feel of your outdoor space. There are countless styles out there that will suit an array of concepts. If you’re looking to add traditional elements, window-effect arched mirrors look stunning against a wall of vibrant roses. Tall, leaning mirrors can even work nicely, as small gardens tend to get less affected by crazy winds disturbing the peace! A large round mirror is the ultimate way to add a clean, modern look to your back garden. You can even get creative with size and position, creating a mini-mural of mirrors for that avant-garde effect.

4. Get creative with height

With width being an obstacle in your small garden, the only way is up. Anything that has the potential to draw the eye up will completely change your garden’s look, and make things interesting. Living wall gardens are very on-trend. Especially in built-up cities, where green space is sparse and landscapers have to get creative with how they can implement vegetation. You can choose an assortment of different plants and flowers to create something truly beautiful.

5. Trees

A few medium-sized trees lining the back of your space will contrast nicely with the subtle areas you create. Maintaining privacy is always a main consideration when improving any outdoor space. Planting a few olive trees, or fruit trees really gives a classic mediterranean look to your space. Cut away lower stems for added tidiness and extra room for light and air. Weaving solar-powered fairy lights between your trees can keep things looking delicate and effortlessly contemporary when the sun goes down.

4. Get smart with furniture

A danger of having furniture in small spaces is that it can risk over-cluttering. However this doesn’t have to be the case, and furniture is a necessary component of any garden that is used throughout the year. There’s no need to squeeze in colossal benches, bulky tables or chairs. Keep things classic with french cafe-style chairs and matching tables that bring some European sophistication to your space. If you have a small covered area, Outdoor beanbags are an uber-cool way to add some practical and comfortable seating that retains a youthful and fun look.

5. Keep things fragrant

There’s nothing better than stepping out into the outdoors and being hit by the sweet smell of heavenly fragrant flowers. Your smaller garden may reduce how much you can put in it, but there’s no limit to how beautiful you can make it smell. Some potted lavender, Honeysuckle or Jasmine positioned near to the garden entrance, are sure to spark the senses of all your guests as they step into your newly renovated space. If you put in the work to maintain a healthy and organic garden, you can even use flower petals to make homemade toning mists such as rose or lavender water. When it comes to fragrant flowers, the more the merrier.

6. Pot it up

Small garden design should always implement flexibility. Plant pots and wide containers make transportation of plants easy, if you ever feel like completely switching up the sections you’ve created. Small gardens are much easier to switch up and maintain than larger gardens, and are ideal for all those passionate garden lovers that struggle with finding the time to keep things in check. You can grow lots of fresh produce, including herbs of all kinds that will really add a beautiful addition to any home-cooked meal.

7. Let the light in

Whether you’re renovating a small courtyard, front patio, or exterior garden, getting a good grasp of where your light shines brightest is crucial to retaining an airy and welcoming feel. Plan features and sections based on the way light filters in, taking into account the season and time of day. Putting plants, trees and vegetable patches in the sunniest spots is a smart way to keep them healthy and maintained all year. Positioning mirrors so they don’t risk blinding you as you relax in your new seating area is also something to consider. As we’ve already highlighted, the beautiful thing about a small garden is that you can move it around at a moment’s notice. So when those summer months sneak up on your, you can always change up the order of things to ensure natural light is most concentrated where you want it to be.

8. Tropical details

Just because your garden is on the cosier side, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it all year round. Exotic plants, upcycled mediterranean furniture and classical architectural detail can have you transported to your favourite holiday spot, in your very own outdoor space. Contrary to popular belief, you can grow a tropical garden in UK weather. It just takes some persistence and research. Hardy plants can be fit for UK weather conditions, and can overcome the harsh British winter if properly looked after. Subtle water features are a beautiful way to add some soothing tranquillity, and can give you the relaxed feeling of sitting by the pool on your annual getaway.

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